Security is a must today

PHP Crypt allows you to quickly and securely encrypt your PHP files
to protect not only your intellectual property, but also sensitive information such as Web application and database configuration.

Self protect from outsiders

Encrypt your PHP files is an important step to harden your application from malicious attackers. PHP Crypt helps your PHP web application protects itseft from various internet attacks, local and remote intrusions.

Register, encrypt your files and use

No addition software needed on your server, just register your account, buy credits and encrypt your uploaded PHP files.
Quick, easy to use and efficient without any crypto knowledge.

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  • Harden your PHP files with advance encryption algorithms
  • Fast and transparent to any hosting server
  • No addition software needed. Just encrypt and go!
  • Ability to restrict code execution on specific domains
  • Ability to specify validity duration for your PHP files
  • Simple, cost effective and secure!